KP Human Best Human Development Foundation Services in Gujarat

Vision & Mission
It is a CSR Arm which is Non-profit Organization of KP Group established in the year of 2015. It has embarked on its journey towards giving quality education to the underprivileged students of the society. The foundation has adopted many government as well as private institutions to uplift the quality of education in the society and make it more affordable to the young and deprived. The foundation also is aggressively working for the old age people, orphans, Women Empowerment, widows, rehabilitation of prisoners, skill development of divyangs, and making a sustainable future by planting trees.

Kp human is a Best Human Development Foundation Services in Gujarat

Plan educational and vocational training programs with a special focus on disadvantaged groups, women and girls, and young people who are unemployed to teach them new skills and how to use the ones they already have to get a job, start a business on their own, and make money. to assist people with disabilities, adolescents, AIDS patients, elderly people, drug addicts, and HIV victims. to support the welfare of labor union rights and the development of the economy and society. To sort out Gatherings, Culminations, Classes, Gatherings, Conversations, Discussions, Review Courses, Assortment of Insights, Displays, Shows, Visit Excursions and so forth. to give advice and legal help to the poor and weaker members of society. establishing old age homes, residential/vocational schools, and human rights camps, educating the public about "Human Rights Duties," granting privileges, and conducting training camps to support help centers for the promotion of human rights, to preserve, encourage, and promote art and culture. to collaborate with the Indian government and other nations to promote Human Rights Education in order to advance social progress and raise living standards.
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