KP Human Development Foundation

Vision & Mission
It is a CSR Arm which is Non-profit Organization of KP Group established in the year of 2015. It has embarked on its journey towards giving quality education to the underprivileged students of the society. The foundation has adopted many government as well as private institutions to uplift the quality of education in the society and make it more affordable to the young and deprived. The foundation also is aggressively working for the old age people, orphans, Women Empowerment, widows, rehabilitation of prisoners, skill development of divyangs, and making a sustainable future by planting trees.

Vision & Mission

A world in which every human attains the right to Survival, Protection, Education, Development and Participation.
    Putting humanity first
  • To create a Happy Society
  • To raise the Standard of Education and give Foothold to the Students
  • To work for the Upliftment of the Weaker Sections of the Society
  • Bring light to the lives of the Orphans, the Elderly, the Disabled in Old Age Homes
  • To Protect the Earth by Conserving Nature
  • To bring happiness in the life of Widow Women
  • Helping Patients who are living worse lives due to Lack of Treatment
  • To Conduct Prisoner Reformation Programmes
  • To perform National Service tasks
Vision & Mission

Key Highlights

KP Human Development Foundation organized "Tiranga Samman Yatra" on 12th August, 2022 in Surat, Gujarat to celebrate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, to commemorate 75 years of Independence. In this yatra, All religious trusts and associations, as well as many schools, students, social leaders and political leaders participated to cherish the spirit of patriotism with full enthusiasm and made this 1.5 km yatra a huge success. The yatra attracted approximately 25,000 to 30,000 participants from various corners of Surat who carried a 100-meter Indian tricolor flag over their shoulders taking pride to be a citizen of this great Country-India. KP Human arranged Dandi Yatra on 12 March from Sabarmati Ashram to launch celebrations of 75th year of Independence. Every Year We celebrate National Festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day etc.
We strongly believe quality education is the backbone of every society in this world, and it is the principal tool for the development and progress of every society. Hence we have adopted two government schools (Nagar Prathmik Shikshan Samiti No. 105 & 149) and a private (Rao Saheb JC Munshi) schools. We also got associated with Prabhu BCA college of Disable Welfare Trust of India (DWTI), KP Human also donated to the sum of 10 lakhs for the development of a computer lab at SYMGA High School, Surat. We have donated Rs. 47 Lakhs for the development of Library at Surat Islam Yatimkhana Society for aspirants of UPSC and other professional exam. We are directly and indirectly associated with 10+ educational institutions like K.S Joshi Girls School.
KP Human is getting engaged in helping as many people and as many institutions in desperate need of help. Hence, we along with our volunteers from the KP Group have started a fortnightly food distribution drive, and are feeding 100+ poor people on regular basis.In Every Indian Festival We Distribute Grocery kit among Old Age, Orphange, Widows and Specially Disabled persons. Every Week we arrange langar for 200+ Hungry and Needy People.
An ambulance was donated amongst the 10 villages of Bharuch including Kothi (Native of Shri. Faruk G. Patel) for easy and smooth movement of patients from villages to the hospital. We have also, donated tractor, trolley, garbage collection vehicle, etc. to Tankaria Gram Panchayat, Bharuch. We are also donated mortuary van during covid pandemic. We are directly and indirectly associated with 5+ hospital; including cancer hospital.In the Situtation of Covid Pandemic We donated oxygen cylinders, Medical Dispensery, BiPaP Machines etc. and also setting up beds for covid patients in the Bharuch welfare hospital during pandemic.
Earth is our home and to protect is not our moral responsibility, but it is a must. With this statement in mind KP Human is working seriously towards sustainability and protecting environment. On these lines, KP Human along with Radio Mirchi launched "Green Yodha" to not only spread awareness about tree plantation, but it also donated saplings in masses in Surat for plantation. We are also looking forward for plantation of 1,00,000+ trees and Mangroves in around 10-hectare land at Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Ranada, Sudi, Kutch, Dumas, Surat by end of 2022.
KP Human has also donated Solar Motor Geysers projects to Lajpore Jail, Surat, Modheshwari Old Age Home, and many other institutions. KPH also constructed three Amrit Sarovar at siddhapur and Bakodi to provide drinking water to villagers.
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